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In His Name Ministries, Inc. 

Closed it's doors December 31, 2012

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IN HIS NAME MINISTRIES                                              



All of a donor's donation, if he requests it.


The donations received for cases from our monthly SERVE NEWSLETTER ALL goes to pay utility or rent.


However, the outreach consists of more than paying household bills. 

         personalized attention,

         prayer, counsel and ministry of love to clients, some of whom have no reliable friends.


A governing board oversees the ministry.

If someone asks how can you trust IHNM, a good answer is

"They do no fund raising. They send out a monthly newsletter, and they pray and trust God to provide. They want to be in His good graces and would be apprehensive about doing anything that is not honest and forthright."

~ ~ ~

THOSE WHO WOULD TAKE ADVANTAGE.  The scoundrels and liars who are just looking for a handout. Our ministry to these requires more creativity.


Many years' experience serves IHNM well.

1.      We do not write checks immediately.  A few days' delay and further interviews may help us recognize abusers.


2.      Checks are written to utility companies or rental agents, not given to clients, unless The Holy Spirit pushes for a gift directly to a client. This rare.


3.      We are driven to know who we should aid, not driven by fear of abusers.


4.      We can give aid only to about 12-15% of those who apply, so we strive to spend wisely.


5.      We show God's love in other ways besides paying bills. Sometimes praying with a person over the phone is the only action we take on their behalf. There are many hurting people who are lonely and have no one in their life. Connecting with a person through prayer is a loving way to provide something meaningful and heartfelt to a lonely person.


6.      God knows our hearts.


          Dee Stribling, Co-Founder 1930 - 2009