There are three categories


Some of the needy will, with just a little help, bounce back quickly. These are always a pleasure to minister to.

But some, with deep physical or psychological maladies, may never be able to fully take care of themselves. These are a challenge, but their condition is understandable. We can provide some of what they need and trust God to bring in help and comfort from other sources too.

And then there are others still, people perfectly capable of bouncing back, of taking care of themselves, but who instead choose a lifestyle of dependency and complaint.

This last group is nothing but trouble for ministries far and wide. And yet we realize that all these people need the compassion of Christ showered on them—even those who, like the nine lepers Jesus' healed (Lk. 17), would remain forever ungrateful.

Some just require a little more creativity on our part, in our ministry to them.

Adapted from a statement by Ed Young, pastor of Houston's 2nd Baptist Church.