The Daily Challenge
Remembering The Poor Every Sunday
by D. E. Stribling

Giving to the needy is like giving to Jesus -- not a small thing.


Some churches have a box where parishioners may drop cash or a check for the poor.  One church, in a year,  collected $32,000.  A lay committee interviews needy individuals and determines how to use the money.

It is an obedience to God to help the poor.
If your church has no outreach to the poor, you still have options. You can find one person in need and ask God to show you how to love him, or her. You may be the one who God has gifted to be the leaven of mercy and compassion among the congregation.


For several years the mid-week church paper of a fellowship listed two or three food items for members to bring the next Sunday.  This project was the work of one man who had a special interest in remembering the poor. 

Each week he contacted a local mission and asked what they needed most.  One week it might be peanut butter, margarine, or rice. Another it might be beans, canned vegetables, or cooking oil. Then he informed the church secretary who typed these items in the weekly column. 

On Sundays many people brought food to place on a large table in the back of the sanctuary.  It was this church's outreach to the poor.  I imagine that this visual display reminded those who forgot.   It gave the Holy Spirit a leverage. 

On Monday morning the man loaded up the food and delivered it to the mission.  They used the items in their grocery sacks that were handed out to the poor. 

This is just one creative way to assist neighbors in need.  Giving to the needy is like giving to Jesus -- not a small thing.