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 "If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God . . . ", James 1:5



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by D. E. Stribling

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In His Name Ministries, Inc. 

Closed it's doors December 31, 2012

The pages left on this site are for your encouragement

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In 1983, when In His Name Ministries first began to minister to the poor, and to Christians who might give them aid, one thing was very clear. We should trust God for day to day direction and provision. 

He is worthy of, not only our constant praise, but of our trust, even in the smallest things. As we listen to the clients share their stories we try to remember Christ in us.

Most clients are honest about their needs.  However, even when we sense that we are not hearing the whole story, or the true story, we can still minister to the person. We don't hesitate to challenge someone when it seems appropriate. Spiritual need may lie just beneath the surface. In conversation the interviewer may move the focus from a client's surface temporal need to a spiritual issue.

Efficiency and frugality not paramount

Efficiency and frugality are not paramount. Nor do we approach clients in a protective stance.

As a Christian ministry, the ministry style should reflect God's love.

The bottom line for a Christian ministry should be, “did we do the will of the Father'? So, we must continually seek a closer relationship with Him.

Through the years we have altered our methods as our trust in Him grew.  It continues to be a learning experience. 

There is the potential for spiritual growth as we practice our faith in reaching out suffering.

This process will work for anyone who determines to serve in His name.

by D. E. Stribling