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Challenge Series

In His Name Ministries

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Food For Poor Kids

Build up treasure in heaven

God Supports His Servants

Just as a physician Practices Medicine

Overwhelmed By The Needs

Evangelize AND Love Others

God Keeps Creating New Things

Money From The Offering Plates

The Key Word Is Share, Not Give


We Are A Stream Not A Reservoir

Abundant life

The Easter Season
Like A Well Watered Garden

Set Your Heart On Things Above
Powerless, Friendless, Hopeless

Abundance of Opportunities

Revival in us

Will The Poor Always Be Here

As the church believes

Some Will . . .


Evangelize AND Love Others

The Active Minority

Having Eyes To (Really) See

We too serve in His name

The Unseen Poor

The Poor Will Praise God

Balancing Act

Forgiving Others

His Works

Like Father Like Son

Works Glorify God

Who Is My Neighbor




Because Of Your Obedience

Julie's Birthday

Words May Convince, but. . .

We Are People Of The Light

Not Just Your Affiliation

Being Known As One Of His

Love as Christ love us

God Is Living In Us

How Much Is Too Much

The Luke Warm Problem


The Man For Others

Enabled To Love

God Loves The Poor Through Us

Be Rich In Good Deeds

The Indifference Of God's People

Focusing On God

See You Tomorrow, God Willing

His Ways Are Not Like Our Ways

First, Forgive

Sharing Time, Talent and Money

Spurring One Another On


You Are The Light

Grace Toward Underachievers

One Notch At A Time

Where To Go and What To Do

As We Boldly Step Out To Serve

Measuring Our Generosity

Being Sure Our Lives Are Worthwhile

He Will Make His Home With Us

Joining Jesus' Group

The Adulation Of The Temporal

God's Justice

The Humble Keep Learning


Zaccheus Loved Money

Spending God's Money

Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Apples And Oranges

Taking The Lord's Name In Vain

Being One With The Father

Sometimes Less Is Better

Serving Others Helps Us See Better

About Giving


The Mother Teresa Attitude

Love Him By Obeying Him

Jesus Simplifies

The Waitress Who Went The Extra Mile

A Stranger's Hospital Visits

A Servant

Opportunities Abound

Life Is A Process

Barely Worthy To Serve

A Passion For God's Peace

Dependence On God


The Man For Others

Building Up Our Neighbor

About Helping A Poor Person

God Loves The Rich

Making A Life

Behind Closed Doors

The Rule of life

Making A Life

Does God Talk To His People?

Give Until It Feels Better

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