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Many widowed elderly people live in poverty

Help A Stranger

Goes The 2nd Mile

Remembering Every Sunday

Nothing Can Match This

Saying Something About Jesus

People May Know God By Our Love

Does God Believe Us

We Can Forgive Others In His Name

Abundance More Than Material Wealth

Christ's Abundance For Us

These Awesome Lives

Humility, Our Foundation For Serving

Acknowledge God's Presence

God's Paradoxical Truths

The Bible:More Than Promises

Promises, part of the covenant

How can you praise God for “everything"

Evidence Of The Reality That We Claim

Dynamic Peace

Foretelling Your Future

God's Love Transforms Us

Welcome To The Owner's Suite

Start A Ministry Of Helping Others

Your Input Is Important

Church Buildings More Important Than People

Don't Love As Christ Loved

He Answers Prayers

Giving To Others Is Giving To God

Our Fruit

Holy Gifts

Where Do You Go To Church?

Above Everything Else

All We Can Do Is Trust God

Impressed By What?

Unseen, Yet Still With Us


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Our Actions Say A Lot

About What We Believe.



Christ Enables Us To Love 

As He Loved The World. We have new Life. 



Words May Convince 

some people That God Loves them, but.



People Of The Light

Our Deeds Prove That We Are His.




How Much Is Too Much

To Keep For Self?


God Lives In His People  

And It Shows. That's what makes them victorious.


Evangelize AND love Others


The church is not only to evangelize, it is also to LOVE OTHERS AS CHRIST LOVES US. Teaching members how to love is essential. Loving just those who are like ourselves is not the best training.


Good people have always known they should  help a hurting neighbor.  Christ makes us "good."

The Poor, You Can Always Love Them.

But don't keep putting it off.


IHNM's Aid To the Poor-

Who Is Telling the Truth.



Being One With The Father Christ prayed that we would be one with the Father as He and the Father are One.

God Loves The Rich But . . .

It is their track record that causes New Testament writers to speak so harshly about them.


Leading Others To Forgive

This is part of the ministry outreach of In His Name.


People Will Praise God  Because of Your Obedience.



Building Up Our Neighbor

When we have worked hard for what we have, it is difficult to view the life of a less successful person as Christ does. 

~ ~ ~ ~




When to Love, When to Evangelize

Some Examples

Give Until You Feel Better

Immunoglobin-A The more you help others the higher it goes. Your first line of defense against viral disease increases.

Joining Jesus' Group.   

It's easy, just give up. Let Christ   guide you.


Being Known 

As One Of His

Taking pride that your doctrine is better than the church down the street is less important than how you portray Christ's love.

Christ Consciousness

It's not what we do for God, but how He works through us. He will pour “rivers of living water” through us (John 7:38).


Mercy Is Better Than Judgment

Those we love will praise God for our actions.


What is Christian

Personal Ministry?


Who Are The Poor

There are three categories-

  1. Those who can,

  2. Those who cannot, and

  3. Those who will not.


The Indifference Of God's People

The Enemy wants to step on the weak, to crush them. He succeeds to the extent that "good people" are indifferent.


Zaccheus Loved Money 

Until He Met Jesus.  He affects people the same way today.



Adulation Of the Temporal Trying To Serve Two Masters causes spiritual and mental distress.


Does God Speak To His People?  Yes. But. . .


Actions Speak More Loudly Than Words.  Jesus coined the phrase.


Apples And Oranges, Its Easy To Tell Them Apart


Taking His Name In Vain We do it when we say we are "his people", but our actions disprove it.

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