The Daily Challenge
by D. E. Stribling
Does God Believe Us?






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Belief works both ways.  First, do we believe God? Secondly does God "believe us?"  Does our talk and our action correlate?Does our profession of faith match the living out of our faith.   Truly, faith without works is dead.  What's in the heart is naturally expressed in our actions. There's no way around it. In the marketplace service is vital to success.  People buy products or services because of their utility.   One satisfied customer telling another over a period of time will cause an increase.   When there is a flaw, advertising, to some extent, can keep bringing in customers. 

A year ago a friend almost died in the recovery room of a hospital because of the gross inattention of the medical staff.   Another friend who used to be a nurse at that hospital said she would never be a patient there.  It's not safe.  She said, staff has been cut for economic reasons at the expense of quality patient care. 

There is a large advertisement in this morning’s newspaper by that hospital.  It conveys a very compelling impression that quality patient care is of utmost importance.  Many readers who do not know "the facts" will believe what they see in the newspaper. 

What this hospital says about itself may fool many of the people.  What we say about our faith in God, however, can never fool God.  Our thoughts, our heartfelt beliefs and our every action is visible to the Father. 

We can confess who we are, ask Him to forgive and refresh us--to make us pleasing in His sight. By His wonderful grace, we are forgiven--over and over. 
March 2,1998

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