The Daily Challenge
by D. E. Stribling
We have a covenant with God
The Bible:More Than Promises
The Bible says, ask and  you shall receive
    It even says, ask anything in my name, and you shall receive it.  It talks about mountains moving as I ask in faith.  Amazing!
   There is anticipation, waiting for the answers to prayers.  Then seeing the creative ways God does answer.   If I am not perceptive, however, I may conclude that He did not answer when in fact He answered in a surprising way.  And of course if I pray amiss, He may remain silent.  But if I am allowing His Spirit in me to continually smooth off my rough edges, and I strive to be obedient, communication will be two-way.
   This builds my confidence as a child of the awesome God. How amazing to be connected to the eternal.
   When I do not see God moving mountains, I know it is not God's promises that have failed. And I must not think it is just a matter of my faith being weak  either.   Are my actions pleasing to God.   In covenant, I want to please Him.  Not to entice Him, nor to earn a reward, that's not the reason.  But my actions will give evidence that His salvation has changed me.  My response to what God has done is the litmus test. 
   God's promises do not stand in isolation, they are part of a covenant.   If my house is built on sand and not on the rock, I will see no mountains move when I pray.  The Bible says give and you shall receive.   Does my life stance give proof that I believe this? 
   Jesus promised (and gave) the Holy Spirit as our guide, and our counselor. 
If I am not partnering with the Holy Spirit, then I am , by default, trusting in the Law.  This is an affront to God!    Look once more at Galatians.
   Generosity is a family trait of all Christians.  Not only are we givers, but God intends that we give by the Spirit not by law.   God in us will direct our giving -- how much to give, and where to give.
   I must empty myself to make room for God in me.  If I am still stuffed full of self it does no good to affirm the promises of God. 

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