by D. E. Stribling
The Poor Will Praise God
Because Of Your Obedience

The Practice of Sharing Christianity 

As a physician practices his skill, so can the follower of Christ practice his.  Servanthood is our vocation.

Practice makes perfect. 





The beggar at the street intersection who holds the sign that reads, "Will Work For Food," throws us off. His need may be the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. However, he really is not the typical 'poor person.' 

The vast majority of passers-by do not stop. I only have given a few times to a sign holding street person.. Once was when we had groceries with us in the car. The man with the sign, and his family of seven in an old station wagon, seemed genuinely appreciative.

Since IHNM is known as a ministry that helps the poor, those 'people with the signs' come up frequently in conversation. I try to turn the thinking toward widows, struggling single mothers, or disabled people. People with incomes of less than $700 per month who have prescriptions often must make hard choices. Especially if a water heater needs replacing, or the car breaks down.  

Yet it seems that some people are saying, "No." to the street beggar and denying all the others too. Do they feel justified in not helping the poor in general?

Treasure in heaven awaits those who give money to the poor.  It will be good later, and for eternity, to have denied self -- to have helped another. 

The angels in heaven rejoice when they see one of God's people saying, "Ah ha, so this is what it means to be a Christian."