by D. E. Stribling 1930-2009
Words May Convince, but. . .

Ecclesiastes 4:1 says, 
“Again I looked and saw all the oppression that was taking place under the sun. I saw the tears of the oppressed, and they have no comforter. Power was on the side of their oppressors” (NIV). 

Practicing Christianity
As a physician practices his skill, so can the follower of Christ practice his.  Servanthood is our vocation.
Practice makes perfect.


Some of the people who are served by friends of this ministry believe they surely do not deserve a GOOD LIFE.  They do not verbalize it directly, but in conversation we "hear" this.

Our comforting words may convince them that the resurrection power of Christ enables them to rise above a disastrous event, a childhood trauma, or a dysfunctional life style.  An overt act of kindness gives credibility to our words. The elderly too need to see a manifestation of love, not just words about it.  Some have been oppressed by the weight of the aging process. Practical love from a friend, or even from a stranger enhances the credibility of the words we speak.

Today, someone NEAR YOU, needs to KNOW the love of Christ.    God the creator, will help you BE CREATIVE, in expressing his love.  Ask Him. It is a good daily prayer.