A Challenge
Taking The Lord's Name In Vain
 by D. E. Stribling

God's Love In My Heart 
Makes All the Difference


God's people do not  use His name as a curse word.  But profaning God's name is more that just using His name as an expletive. 

When I say that I am one of His, yet act another way, I am using His name in vain.  

The world watches us, some with just a glance, others more intently.  Unbelievers who may be contemplating what Christians have said about the saving plan of Christ could be set back by another professing believer who profanes the name of God. 

Even in our imperfection God still expects us to continually seek His Spirit in us to keep us on track.  By relying on the Spirit of Christ we can consistently show His love and forgiveness in our work place, at church services, social occasions and at home with our families.   Even when we fail to do so, if we quickly repent for the misdeed that is itself a positive witness.