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The Daily Challenge
The Rule Of Life
 by D. E. Stribling

God's Love In My Heart 
Makes All the Difference

Long before Jesus gave us His now famous parable of the "good Samaritan," the Golden Rule was known.  Scholars say that a version of the Rule existed even in pre-Bible times.   So people have always known that it is good to help a neighbor.  Our hearts tells us so.

Once we see a neighbor in need, and we pause long enough to imagine how he must feel,  the Rule may kick in.  We might do something to alleviate the despair.

However, our own activities may crowd in so much that we won't get to this point.
Pre-occupation with self needs may prevent us from listening to our hearts.   True, we must take care of our own needs, but with God's inspiration, we also will know when to take a break at the right time in behalf of our neighbor.  The seasoned Christian will keep himself unencumbered from the things of this world.

That's why it is important to walk "in the Spirit."  Paul said those who do are the true people of God.

"Mercy triumphs . . ."