The Daily Challenge
Evangelize AND Love Others
 by D. E. Stribling

Your Love Today

The Issue Is To Forgive or Not
Heaven my see us as an "ungrateful servant," when we turn away from those who are unlovable, rather than to love them as Christ loved us.
God's Love In My Heart 
Makes All the Difference Every church (even the smallest) can have an outreach to poor 
It is a way for members to practice the Great Commandment.

The church is not only to evangelize, it is also to LOVE OTHERS AS CHRIST LOVES US.  Teaching members how to love is essential.   Loving just those who are like ourselves is not the best training. There is no better way than to offer church members hands on contact with persons who need love the most 

In the early days at IHNM, Inc., we recognized that as we determined to give aid to needy neighbors we often ran 
into obstacles.  Some (emphasis on some) of the poor were not gracious, never satisfied, not always truthful.  Once over the initial shock, with God's help, we began to see clients as AN OPPORTUNITY to practice loving others as Jesus loved us.

All of us are less than lovable to God.  We are not an easy lot to love.  It is His amazing grace that moves Him to love us even in our imperfect condition.    Therefore, as His representatives to a hurting world, that is our example to follow.

"Mercy triumphs . . ."