Daily Challenge
by D.E. Stribling
Giving Changes Your Body Chemistry
Give Until It Feels Better

"Giving to others increases self appreciation, physical well-being and spiritual harmony."

Our destiny is to help others.  

The world systems says help yourself, God says help others, and he has equipped us to do so.
It makes sense that when a person follows the plan of the one who created him, or her, every aspect of his, or her life will be in better tune.    Ephesians 2:10 tells us so.

An opportunity to increase your immunoglobin-A today.
WHO Needs
a little help, and to see how easy it can be for you to help.


How is your immunoglobin-A today?  The more you help others the higher it goes.  That means your first line of defense against viral disease increases.  Pretty cheap medicine, being kind to others.
  In the book by Douglas M. Lawson, entitled Give To Live, he details some amazing scientific research findings on this subject. In one test, a group of people watched a documentary film about the work of Mother Teresa in Calcutta.  Viewing this film about compassionate activity actually increased the immunoglobin-A.  The other test group watched movies not focused on compassion; they showed no increase in the immunoglobin-A.. 
   The same researcher found that people who were motivated by the drive for power had lower levels of immunoglobin-A than people who were concerned for others.
   Giving increases self appreciation, physical well-being and spiritual harmony. At the other end of the spectrum is to be over involved with oneself at the expense of the community.  That leads to psychological dislocation.  This causes anxiety and various psychological ailments.  Knowing about this research is a motivator to the 20th century mind. 
   In Jesus' time there was no scientific research, but he had no need of such proof. He simply said, "Love others as I have loved you," and  "It is more blessed to give than to receive." 
   Perhaps we have not known before how profound and deep such "blessings" go. Now we see that caring for others affects our physical bodies. Sustained good deeds have a cumulative positive effect on our physical and emotional health. When we approach our good deeds with gusto, and invite God to guide our responses to human need, the results are greatly magnified.   If our deeds are done with a determined effort, it does not matter if our means are limited. 

Prayer for today:  Father thank you for showing us how to have the abundant life.