Leading Others To Forgive
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At IHNM, Inc., people ask us to pay part of an overdue utility bill, or to help them with rent so they will not be evicted.   Disabled people, elderly, and single mothers are the main groups of people who contact us. 
   These calls are an opportunity to get acquainted with persons who often really need Christian friendship. This is not their reason for making contact, but showing God's love, and raising questions about trusting God, is our agenda.
   We watch for a chance to talk about their faith, or the lack of it. 
   After hearing the account of a particularly catastrophic situation the interviewer may say, "I hope you are trusting God with this problem?" 
The next words of the client may reveal something that guides the conversation further. 
   Recently a woman broke into tears.   She had walked with the Lord very closely for several years, but more recently she had strayed.
   Another person spoke of the hostility and resentment toward her former husband. He not only did not visit his children regularly, he trumped up a charge against her. So far this year his various legal pranks have cost her more than $7,000 in legal fees.  The interviewer was amazed, and expressed that he was to the distraught woman. 
   Then he said, you have a large order to fill don't you?  Before she answered he said it must be hard to obey God and forgive a man for doing this?  A conversation ensued that led to a confession by the caller and a commitment to forgive. 
   She had called to ask for help paying a utility bill.  Having no funds to help her at the time, the interviewer called the utility office who extended the payment deadline.  Later IHNM paid part of the bill.  In a letter she reported that she had indeed confessed to God and repented of her resentment.


Prayer for today: Put me in the path of a person who needs to know your love, then use me as your servant.