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Persons Who Are Disabled (from injury or disease) Are Perfect Targets Of Christian Love


on Social Security checks of as little $500.  That is a poverty income in this culture.  When a roof needs repair, or a wheel chair ramp needs to be built, or a water heater needs replacing, or any one of a myriad of little emergencies occurs, there is no money to meet such needs. There are individuals in every city who need Good Samaritan help.

It is appropriate for churches  to allocate funds, and for individuals to write a check to meet these human needs. Spending money in this way is a tangible form of loving one's neighbor.

Even more critical are the needs of disabled persons who have not yet been approved to receive Social Security assistance. Many are left in limbo for many months with no income.

IHNM knows persons you could help. Even a gift of ten, or twenty dollars from an individual would be like a hundred to someone who goes without essentials every month!

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