Skipping Over The Great Commandment

To Do the Great Commission

"As long as we start from the 'natural self' one of two things will happen. Either we will give up trying to meet the needs of our 'natural self' with it's desires  or we will be  very unhappy as we 'live for others' but are discontented with life and Christianity. "
C. S. Lewis



Bear Good Fruit

Stay connected to the Vine


A watered down version of Christianity occurs when zealous evangelizers are more eager TO TELL, than they are TO SHOW what the salvation of Christ does. Loving others as Christ has loved us is the Great Commandment. This is the paramount concern.


As one continually practices loving others he, or she may become a believable and an effective evangelizer.


Christ turns self-centered people into a people with the heart of a servant. Those who had been guilt ridden receive the peace of Christ.

The new heart of grace will forgive more easily, and give more generously. The Golden Rule becomes a personalized rule of life when Christ has touched one's heart.


The person whose life is centered on the Great Commandment will be the most effective evangelizer. Those who he, or she leads to Christ will know they too are to be servants.


The mature evangelizer knows that it is by the zeal of the Lord (Isaiah 9:7) not by their own zeal, that His rule will spread. By His Spirit they know how to individualize the message of salvation. They are influential role models. The witness of their lives demonstrates the character of God's love. And the church that is built from such evangelization will rest on a strong foundation that will prevail.


D. E. Stribling 1930 -2009




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