A Way To Help

It's Easy

In His Name Ministries

Word of mouth.

The ministry spends no money on fund raising.  Those who partner with us to help a neighbor may have seen our SERVE letter.


Or a friend may have mentioned this work.  SEE HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS.

Would you consider telling a friend -- help us reach more people so more needy persons can 

  • receive aid

  • and learn about the Good News of Christ.

How to Send A Page

Netscape, and Internet Explorer let you 'send' a page.  I think AOL does too.  So when you are reading something that you think someone else would also enjoy, just go to 'file', go down to 'send page' and tap it.  You can choose instead to send the link.

An e-mail form comes up for you to address. What could be easier. 

Another way:  Just hold down your LEFT mouse button and sweep your cursor over the URL to highlight it.  Then COPY it.

Open an email form, address a friend, or friends, and PASTE the URL into the body of your email message.

You probably already know how to do this, but I detailed it for the benefit of new web surfers. 


When you are viewing one of the pages from IHNM's site, consider sending it to a friend.  I believe most Christians want to be kind to strangers, and to help the poor, if only they knew who really needs their help. 

Ask to receive our monthly newsletter that has current needs in it.  

If a Daily Challenge article gives you a new insight, consider who else might enjoy reading it. 

Whatever page you are on, it's easy to send it, or copy the URL to paste into an email. 

A significant part of our funding comes from individuals who may never have known about us had a friend not told them.  Help us do the work God has called us to do.  Tell a friend.


Dee Stribling, 

Founder  (1930-2009)
In His Name Ministries, Inc.

Another way to help -
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