How Do You Know Who Is Telling The Truth?
A Reader Asked
"What sort of 'screening' process do the recipients of your aid go through?"

We start by  believing what we hear from a client.  We want to have an open mind as he or she explains what is wrong. 

However, when their answers to our questions don't add up, we ask more and in some cases may move more toward a skeptic's stance.
By the grace of God we do not begin as skeptics.  


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We seldom have been taken advantage of. I thank God for this.  And it may help to realize that most of those we aid are 

1.     Disabled

2.     Elderly

3.     Abandoned wives

4.     People who have lost work time from illness or accident.

   We continue to learn how to select who to help.   As we listen to the client, we consciously try to listen with our "heart" too. 

   This helps us keep the right perspective.   Even if what we perceive with the outer ear may cause our old nature to rise up, the inner ear helps keep the balance. Our listening is not perfect, but I believe God honors it -- that we DESIRE His input.

Each day we can only help a few with the available funds.  So we must be very selective.  Every day there are people who we want to help, but cannot because funds are limited.  However, even among those who we do not give aid to, we believe our advice and friendship is helpful. 

A client recently told us that In His Name Ministries was the only church organization who would talk with her.  Four others she had contacted just said they were out of funds.  None were friendly. One church secretary was very rude to her for having asked. 

Missed opportunities to reach out in God's love and grace.

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