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Aiding the Afflicted and Showing People How To Help.

    Since 1983, In His Name Ministries has been a place where hurting people call for encouragement and financial help.
   Daily requests for assistance are screened and prioritized.
   Then we use ministry funds (or seek assistance from constituents) to pay a utility bill, take care of a prescription, or assist on a rental payment. 

   Often we cannot give financial aid, but in every case we want to listen, make suggestions and talk to clients about the ways of God. 

There are two aspects of the ministry. 
   First to console the distressed
(this may include financial aid); and to lead them to know God's promises and expectations. 
   Secondly, to encourage action from the Christian community. 

   Clients are known to us from:  

  • direct contact

  • a concerned neighbor

  • a public agency

  • a hospital social worker

  • churches  

   Often two or more agencies or ministries join forces to meet larger financial needs.


 We remind 'ministry friends' with a monthly newsletter and since 1996 we have been using this web site.  Contact margaret@inhisname.org to receive a newsletter.



The financial hardships of clients are often just the tip of an iceberg. The unspoken elements of the problem may come to light during interviews. Common issues are:

  • a catastrophic event

  • need for job training

  • abandonment by the bread winner

  • spiritual and/or moral confusion, or

  • just the need of a friend.

And of course, many people are just stuck in a bad place.

Examples: A senior citizen who is no longer able to work who is getting by on a poverty retirement income (as low as $600 per month).  Or a disabled person who literally cannot help herself. 
   Many of the cases are persons who are permanently disabled and/or elderly, or persons who are temporarily disabled by an accident or disease. Governmental and public care givers do not meet all of the basic needs in a crisis. Often there is only meager assistance from those sources, or none at all in some cases. 

   We hope individuals will get ideas from this site to implement in their own communities, or tell us how their church is working to creatively minister to the poor. 

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