A prayer


 "I wonder if that is

God’s voice?"

Isaiah said that the Lord

 spoke to him "with a

 strong hand,"

that is, by the pressure

of his circumstances

(Isaiah 8:11).


 Without the sovereign

 hand of God Himself,

nothing touches our lives.

 Do we discern

His hand at work,

or do we see things

as mere occurrences?





When you help a person,

 even a needy stranger,

you are serving Christ.





Pray - Listen - Act        


Some of our most important prayers require that we can perceive God’s answer and to know what action to take.


If I ask, “What do I do now, Lord?” and I ask it earnestly, I can be sure that he does hear.  And he will answer in some way. I don’t want his answer to sail right over my head.  So I keep my mind as open as possible.


Be prepared.  His answer may just be to re-position you . . .  or turn your head.


Once after a move, our garage was a jumble of boxes, sacks, and extra chairs.  It was difficult to know where everything was.  So when I needed a yardstick to measure a window for a blind, I wasn’t sure where to start looking.  I thought it was in the garage, someplace, but where?


My wife said, “Let’s ask God.”


We did.   Immediately my head turned, I blinked and was surprised to find myself looking directly at the yardstick.


In this instance, God made it easy.  Sometimes, however, if you haven’t received an answer you may have to ask, “Lord, did you answer and I didn’t hear you?”


This is a wonderful thing about prayer: you can pray for anything -- even to ask God to ‘clarify’,


Lord, make me a good listener.  Or, Open my mind and heart to know and understand your answers to my prayers.  If you are feeling bold, say, Father I think I should go this way, or do this thing, please stop me or re-direct me if you need to.


One of our clients after we prayed for her told us later that her whole demeanor changed, things opened up, people began helping and she got some new ideas of what she could do.  So the next time we contacted her, a large unpaid gas bill had been paid and she had service once more.


“It was that prayer,” she said.  “I needed to find me a prayer partner; I see how valuable it is to pray together, or to have someone pray for you.”


I suggested that she start praying for someone else.  Surely such a request is one that God would answer.  Jesus said, when two or three come together in his name, “I am there.”


A good indication that you are indeed one of his is that you desire to know his will, to please him and to serve Him.


Prayer is more than a means to get what you want.  It is the way to open your eyes to God’s will and his purposes.  Its primary purpose is to develop a personal relationship with God.