In His Name Ministries, Inc.
 A Challenge
Build Up Your Neighbor
 by D. E. Stribling

Through His Eyes

Bear With The Failings
Of The Weak

Romans 15:1-7

"We who are strong ought bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves. Each of us should please his neighbor for his good, to build him up."   Rom 15:1-2 

Helping A Person 
Of Low Esteem Blend Into A Church Fellowship

God's Love In My Heart 
Makes All the Difference


When we have worked hard for what we have, it is difficult to view the life of a less successful person as Christ does.

I suppose those who can do so are the ones who know that their success comes from God -- using the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual gifts he has given to them.  

Understanding this, keeps one humble, gracious and generous with those who are less endowed.

Stewards Not Owners

As the day draws near,  God will raise up increasing numbers of successful people who give all the credit to God. They will know that they are stewards, not owners of the resources that God has enabled them to acquire.  Their lives (including their money) will be more fully available for the works of God.


Compassion cannot see someone in need without helping. It accepts the consequences of getting involved because it cannot bear to turn away. Compassion comes from a heart that is tender toward God and fellow travelers on the road of life. David C. McCasland, OUR DAILY BREAD